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The idea of Zinkod is a world of friends and live communication.

Zinkod is a project for the creative and passionate people, with everybody willing to build a safer and better world.

The essence of the project is to create a universal language and format of communication. Anyone can add a new word or idea, explaining his or her point of view. The best options are selected by user rating.

Words in Zingi are formed from a small number of sounds that are available to any person.

The alphabet consists of sounds used by representatives of various language groups.

Spelling rules are minimized because each letter corresponds to its transcription – words are pronounced and spelled the same. Grammar and phonetics are the most simplified; there are no exceptions and strict rules at all.

Another feature of the new international language is the use of icons that can complement the text as emoticons (smileys). Thus, Zinkod provides emotional support for messaging and adopts the style of communication in the Internet.

Of course, one person or even a group of people cannot cope with such a difficult task. But if tens of thousands of concerned creators join it, the result will not be long in coming. Beautiful and simple language will be born to help people of all countries, nations and social groups communicate.

At the same time, Zinkod is far from a boring academic project. The plans are to make the language bright and interesting, adapted for graphics and sign language. For example, all the numbers in Zinkod can be expressed in the form of beautiful flowers. This will allow to create complex patterns in mathematical records, beautiful bar codes and textbooks.

Creating an entirely new area in the development of technology and design, Zinkod is trying to change the attitude of people to the outward things and the interior. The demand for these products will create a solid foundation for production. It is already the reality: the reality where we want to live, the reality for everyone.

Here, everyone can submit ideas and inputs to improve the outside world for a broad discussion.

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To add words, rules in the Zinkod language, images, videos, to share information via social networks, please register on our website ( go to the registration paget ), it will not take much time.

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We offer to create and develop. We suggest that you polemize while respecting your interlocutors.

Users of the project post information, taking into account copyright compliance.

A demo version of the project's capabilities and prospects.